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Who are Charity Escapes?

We are a charity with a passion for fundraising! Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for a rainbow of good causes by offering holidays and other fantastic prizes to charities to help them with fundraising.

Many of the prizes we offer are used as auction or raffle prizes at fundraising events, but we are always looking for new ideas to help you fundraise!

We are the getaway that gives back! 
How can we help your charity?
We are here to help you raise money. We can provide you with a fantastic selection of holidays and other great prizes for you to auction or raffle at your next fundraising event. All of our prizes come with flexible booking conditions, designed to suit your event and audience profile.

By sourcing donated prizes we can save you and your team valuable time and energy, leaving you to focus on making sure you have a great event!

As a charity ourselves, our focus is on fundraising. In return for providing you with prizes, we ask for just two things. Firstly, that you promote the donor of the prize through your network (social media channels). Secondly that 16.6% (or 20% including VAT) of the final amount raised from the sale of the prize comes back to us to help cover our reasonable costs. There are no other costs. 

​If you would like to apply for prizes, simply click here and complete our short form and for a list of available prizes, please click here
Are you a hotel or business reviewing your CSR?
We know you are very generous - hotels, holiday property owners, restaurants, attractions and many other businesses already give lots away to good causes. We also know that once a donation has been made however, this could be the last you'll hear about it. 

​We offer to manage all of your donations free of charge, adding value to your Corporate Social Responsibility as well as making sure your donation raises the most amount of money possible.

​In addition, working with our charity partners, we can present your business to your target market and potentially reach a new customers. Using a variey of techniques, we can also build your sales - after all, you deserve it if you're helping a good cause!

As mentioned, there is no cost to you. We ask for a small percentage of the amount raised from the donation to come back to us to help us cover our reasonable costs.
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