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Step One
Any company (which could be a hotel or holiday home owner) donates a prize to us.
Step Two
We offer the prize to a charity we work with.
Step Three
The charity promotes the prize then auctions or raffles it off at a fundraising event.
Step Four
The money raised goes to the charity and as a charity ourselves, we retain a small amount to cover costs.
Step Five
Afterwards, we present the results to the donor about the charity, the money raised and promotional reach.

We matchmake companies willing to donate prizes to charities hosting fundraising events. We provide both donor and charity with a range of benefits tailored to suit their needs - and all at no cost.

Our aim is to raise as much money as possible for charities all across the UK! 


Benefits to charities 

1. Helps you raise considerable sums for your charity 
2. Wide variety of prizes 
3. Advice and insights into new fundraising activities
4. Extensive social media promotion
5. Intros to event venues and corporate companies
6. Handles all communication with prize winners
7. No hidden fees or charges to you or the winner
8. Realistic and fair minimum bids Promotes your charity across social media platforms



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