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Step One
Any company (which could be a hotel or holiday home owner) donates a prize to us.
Step Two
We offer the prize to a charity we work with.
Step Three
The charity promotes the prize then auctions or raffles it off at a fundraising event.
Step Four
The money raised goes to the charity and as a charity ourselves, we retain a small amount to cover costs.
Step Five
Afterwards, we present the results to the donor about the charity, the money raised and promotional reach.

How it works

We source donated holidays - We know that hotels, holiday providers and many other companies already donate to good causes. We also know that decisions about who to support and the value achieved from the prize can be overlooked. Indeed, offering a prize provides a great marketing opportunity for a company reaching a new customer base which is rarely taken up!

We place prizes into events - We work with a range of charities, matching the donated prizes with fundraising events. All we ask of the charities we work with is that the donor of the prize is promoted through their network (social media channels) and that a small percentage (16.6% +VAT) of whatever is raised from that prize comes back to us to help cover our reasonable costs. 

We report it back - When the event is over, we handle the prize winners and report back to the donor on the amount raised, which charities they have supported and the marketing reach achieved. This is a great new way for compnies such as hotels to support good causes, allowing them to concentrate on running their business.

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