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We turn your charitable donations into a valuable part of a balanced marketing strategy.

We can give you clear answers to these questions in just a few simple steps

Ask yourself this..

How many donations did you give away last year?

What did they raise in total?

How many prizes have been redeemed?

Was your brand presented correctly?


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Prizes Sourced


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Prizes achieve over their RRP


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    Would you like to know how we can help you for ZERO cost?

    Over the past couple of years we have evolved to realise that we could offer businesses more.

    UK based businesses in particular are inundated with requests for support in donating prizes and these come in at all angles – calls, emails, letters, across social platforms.

    We want to take this ‘hassle’ away from you– as deciding what to give, when and to who (most importantly to be signed off by whom) can take up a lot of valuable time within a property.


    So every time we meet a GM, we’ll say to them that any of these inbound requests will be gladly managed by us on their behalf.

    The beauty of you doing this is that your brand is never seen to be saying no ever again – and it isn’t some valued team members job to be the one that has to round these requests up every week and reply saying no (not a nice task for anyone to have to do!).

    It’s a win win for everyone involved.


    We even take care of the vouchers as well!

    We found that when we were having very successful one to one meetings with hotels, there would then be a real lag in getting the all-important vouchers from them (be it hard copy or pdf).

    We needed to get get around this road block so the solution was simple, make the vouchers and unique tracking codes for you.

    This saved hotels, restuarants, experienctial events lots of time and admin.


    Once we make your voucher template (see the example) we email that back to the business for approval along with a screenshot of all of your voucher codes once we have uploaded everything onto our system.

    Ths means that you are only involved when you need to saving you time and hassle.

    Step by Step - How It Works

    click on a step to get an explanation

    Step One

    We discuss your charitable aims and targets

    Step Two

    You provide us with donated prize/s and all T&C’s

    Step Three

    Prizes are placed into the most suitable fundraising event

    Step Four

    Both ourselves and the charity promote your donation across social media

    Step Five

    You receive a full marketing report showing what your donation achieved

    Proud To Be Working With


    “Having dealt with charity requests on a daily basis for numerous years it is a breath of fresh air to work with Charity Escapes! We no longer have to say no to worthwhile causes, we simply hand the details over to Carly and the team. They then filter and match our contributions to the most relevant event." - Emma Marshall, Sales Manager

    Malhotra Group Plc

    “Malhotra Group have been working with Charity Escapes for over a year now – helping us to manage the numerous requests for charity donations which we receive. This collaboration has helped to increase the impact of our donations, connected us with charities we haven’t worked with before and allowed us to track the value of our contributions. " - Lottie Haylock, Accommodations and Commercial Manager

    Staybridge Suites NCL

    “Staybridge Suites have worked with Charity Escapes for over a year now and doing so has enabled us to work with charities in a clear way, with visible results. We have been able to use these results to show our team and company our CSR in the local area. It has given us a structured approach to our charity involvement, which is fantastic” - Lisa Crocker, General Manager

    Slaley Hall

    "I receive charity requests on a daily basis. It can prove very time consuming to process these during the working day and there’s so many good causes that we would like to say yes too, but unfortunately we can’t support everyone." - Jo Hignett, Guest Relations Manager


    Raise Money

    Together, we’ll raise lots of money for charity


    Targeted sales and marketing opportunities


    Regular marketing and donation reports


    We can handle your inbound charity requests


    See a return on investment from your donations


    Extensive social media promotion


    All prize donations raise a minimum of its RRP for charity.


    All of this at no cost!

    Happy Stories


    If you are interested in our free service simply provide us with a few details and we will be in touch soon.

    Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page.

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