Frequently Asked Questions

Charity FAQ

We send over a prize pack for each prize in an email. This includes all details about the prize, any terms and conditions, photos, social media tags and a certificate for the winner. 

Every prize we offer has a minimum bid (reserve), which must be met in order for the prize to sell. You are not obliged to keep anything that does not sell, it simply comes back to us and we redistribute it to another charity event. 

Your charity will always keep at least 75% of the total our prize(s) raises at auction. 

In the week after your event we will send you an email asking for the winner’s name and the amount raised. Once we have this information, we will send you an invoice for 25% of the total our prize(s) raised.

Just a simple post on your active social media profiles i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram thanking the donor for the prize. We will provide the social media tags in a prize pack. 

We have a set amount allocated to each prize which means you can secure any raffle prizes in advance of your event and you would just pay us the set amount in the week after your event.  

Once you have given the winner their certificate for the prize, they just need to get in contact with us and we will deal with the booking. Our contact details and all prize info are on the certificate which you will have received in your prize pack. 

As many as you like – we are happy to offer advice on the appropriate number of prizes for your event and also how to use these prizes in order to raise the most amount money for your charity. 

Business FAQ

Anything that can be used in a live/silent auction or raffle. Such as spare capacity room nights, transport, an experience or a meal. Typically a small range of prizes works well so you can see more of an impact in your marketing report.

Whatever you are comfortable with. We can look after one prize or we can manage your full annual allocation of donations.

You have total say. All T&C’s are completely up to yourself.

We are not looking to disrupt any longstanding relationships you may already have in place with a charity. We seek to only add value to the ad-hoc donations you may find yourself giving away to charities or good causes other than your nominated one.

All we need to know is what you would like to donate, the average RRP, and any T&C’s.

You can provide us with either a hard copy or PDF Voucher. Alternatively, we can make the vouchers for you should you wish with your sign off. We act as a gatekeeper and prize winners need to contact us first before we release any vouchers once we have confirmed with the charity who the winner is.

If there is a certain charity or good cause you would like your prize/s to help, then we will always make this a priority and make introductions where appropriate.